Carlson Natural Regrade

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Carlson Natural Regrade gives all faced with disturbed lands an affordable and natural way to achieve sustainability. The innovative GeoFluv™ fluvial geomorphic landform design method brings back the natural beauty of the reclaimed land while stability against erosion is established and the water quality remains comparable or better than surrounding undisturbed lands.

Carlson Natural Regrade enables users to:

  • Build with on-site materials
  • Save money on material moving
  • Reclaim steep slopes in stable and suitable configurations
  • Convey water and sediment discharge naturally
  • Produce a self-maintaining, natural-looking result

The software uses .dwg format drawings and outputs .flt or .tin files that can be sent directly to GPS-machine control heavy equipment software for efficient construction.

Natural Regrade reclamation design will:

  • Help meet and exceed environmental standards
  • Provide maintenance-free stability against erosion and true sustainability
  • Provide reclaimed land run-off water quality comparable to surrounding undisturbed lands
  • Encourage wildlife and plant diversity in the reclaimed land
  • Enhance the local viewshed by returning the natural beauty of the land
carlson natural regrade